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What is Metabolic Analytics?

Metabolic Analytics (formerley known as Bioprint) is the tool I use to help my clients get results!

Metabolic Analytics is the latest, cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program developed by world renowned strength coach and functional medicine practitioner Charles R. Poliquin. The idea was born from bloodwork and skinfold  data collected over a period of 30 years taken from Olympic, professional and amateur athletes, servicemen and women, as well as everyday people worldwide.


"Where we store body fat tells a story”

The Metabolic Analytic Method is a scientific approach to fatloss that analyses the way the body stores fat in correlation to the individual's hormonal imbalances. For example a person who

stores a lot of fat on their upper back, more commonly known as “back boobs”,

has a high probability of poor carbohydrate tolerance.




How Does It Work?

Each consultation involves skin fold measurements being taken using special skin fold callipers on 14 different sites on the body.These site measurements are then entered into a software program that is calculated by an algorithmic formula allowing me to identify the imbalance that is most responsible for fat gain.



As I said each site is  linked to certain hormones, for example many people now know that Estrogen is linked to thigh fat. Having identified the  problem it makes it easier to target, prioritise and correct.
I prefer this over other fat measuring methods because it can determine precisely the amount of fat in each of the specific sites, where other testing methods only tell you your overall body fat percentage and that is only a fraction of the overall picture.










Who Is A Metabolic Analysis For?

 It is for people who . . . . 

•  have too much body fat and want to do something about it

• have areas of  so called “stubborn” body fat that just doesn’t seem to want to disappear.  (You know the ones,      back boobs, muffin top’s, tuckshop arms, excess bellyfat and large thighs)

• experience the symptoms of troubled digestion, including feeling bloated, lethargic, flatulence, burping, constipation and more.

• have altered sleeping patterns. This can be trouble getting to sleep, disturbed sleep (noises, frequent urination etc) as well as waking up feeling listless and tired.

• Suffer from low energy or energy slumps throughout the day. 

• have food cravings, especially for sweet things.

• have Metabolic resistance

• feel “ toxic” and want help with liver detoxification, or want to support existing conditions such as hypothyroidism, depression, PCOS, type 2 diabetes or a lack of sex drive.

What Can I Expect?




Once the data has been analysed, the next step is to set out a specific personalised protocol of diet, exercise  and supplementation to resolve the problem.

You should expect an improvement not only in body fat reduction but in all areas of life, physical and mental.  A strong and healthy body is a happy one.


What Shouldn't I Expect?


A quick fix. I you are expecting the results with out the effort this is not the program for you. It is a step by step approach. You put in the work and you get the results. This means committing to and following the program  in all three key areas, nutrition, exercise and supplementation.















I’m Ready How do I get Results?


To book your initial consultation or find out more information about Metabolic Analytics, Contact me today! 





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