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Berry Coconut Protein Pancakes

Updated: Apr 11, 2020


These berry coconut protein pancakes are pretty tasty, and both gluten and dairy free if you are using plant protein as I did. I prefer to use plant protein as it gives a better texture to the pancakes when cooking.

I used Prana on coconut flavor protein powder but Plant Fusion Vanilla protein powder is a good substitute if you are not a fan of coconut.

The Trilogy Superfruits and Greens adds a giant serve of antioxidants and probiotics to the mix as well as giving it a very berry taste. Trilogy also do a Strawberry/Kiwi flavor if you would like a slightly different berry taste.

Prep time 10 mins, cooking time 5 mins. Serves 1



1½ (50g) Scoops coconut flavoured protein powder (I used prana on plant protein)

4 egg whites

1 scoop Trilogy berry superfruits and greens powder

Optional; Water or Coconut milk


1.Place the egg whites in a mixing bowl.

2.Add coconut flavor plant protein powder and Trilogy berry superfruits and greens powder, mix well.

3.If needed add a little water, or if preferred coconut milk, to the mixture until it reaches a thick pouring consistency.

4.Preheat cooking pan, spray with non-stick spray or use a little coconut oil. Pour mix into the pan and cook until bubbles appear on the surface. Then flip and cook for another minute.

5.Eat with a little butter or coconut yoghurt drizzled over the top. Add a raspberry or two and yum!!

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